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Illinois Early Childhood Inclusion Policy Summit

The Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities (ICDD) is funding Early CHOICES to convene an Illinois Early Childhood Inclusion Summit.  The Summit will provide a unique and critical opportunity for leaders across all Illinois early childhood systems to advance the priorities in the United States Departments of Education (ED) and Health and Human Services (HHS) jointly released Policy Statement on Inclusion in Early Childhood Programs.  

 The purposes of the Summit are:

  • Create a shared awareness of the state of early childhood inclusion policy in Illinois
  • Develop priorities for improving policy to support inclusion of young children across all agencies and stakeholders in Illinois
  • Facilitate a true working meeting among leaders in early childhood systems in Illinois

Summit Information

Missed the Pre Learning Webinar on 2/7/2017?  Want to share with your colleagues?

Handouts and materials for the Summit 

Summit Outcomes

Summit Reconvene 2018


OSEP Dear Colleague Letter Preschool LRE January 9, 2017

Full version: Federal Policy Statement on Inclusion in Early Childhood Programs

Fact Sheet of Research on Early Childhood Inclusion

llinois Each and Every Child Inclusion brochure

US Department of Education Early Learning Inclusion Resources

DEC NAEYC Joint Policy Statement on Inclusion