2019 Preschool Inclusion Roundtables: Educating All Young Children Together

  • 10/23 Region IV, Mt Vernon Register
  • 10/24 Region I & III, Springfield Register
  • 11/12 Region II, Elk Grove Village Register
  • 11/13 Region VI ,Tinley Park Register

All events have registration at 8:30 and the Roundtable is 9am -1pm.

These regional meetings will provide a forum to meet with other districts, hear about various models to implement preschool inclusion, and learn from district representatives that have taken steps to implement plans to increase access to inclusive classrooms. You will have an opportunity to learn what is available to support your district inclusion efforts as you create or update your inclusion plan. To learn more watch this video:

Who should attend?

1. Your district has been invited to attend because your district EE data could improve.

2. You are just starting to plan and implement changes to increase inclusive options in your program. 

3. You are implementing some inclusive practices but want to expand, learn more to help problem solve through your challenges or improve your program practices.

Administrators, inclusion teams, and other key stakeholders are welcome to attend together.  It is helpful to have the opportunity to learn together, as well as to have multiple team members to take advantage of various break-out discussions.

What will the day be like?

Attendees will hear from guest speakers, participate in facilitated conversations, and choose from a menu of options for creating, modifying and implementing plans developed with the Inclusive Inquiry Cycle.

Click here for materials

What will we learn?

Participants will

  • Review Indicator 6 and the importance of inclusion
  • Learn what models of high quality inclusion implementation look like
  • Learn the importance of creating a plan to change practice and increase access to inclusion.
  • Make the connections between inclusion and positive outcomes for young children.
  • Gain an understanding of how inclusion affects children as they grow into adulthood.
  • Express why inclusion is a value in early care and education
  • Learn how to get what they need by reaching out to state projects and other resources.
  • Learn how to create a plan for that they want their programs to learn about preschool inclusion

What happens if we can’t attend?

We are sorry you can’t join us!

If you were invited to attend by receiving a letter from ISBE with your EE data that means you need to submit a plan to ISBE.  You will receive an email reminding you that the plan is due and offering an online meeting to support you in thinking through the plan.  Please take advantage of the supports offered to you through Early CHOICES and STAR NET.  For additional questions you can contact Early CHOICES at inclusion@eclre.org or ISBE.

What’s next?

Follow up online meetings will be offered prior to each plan due date.  There are two options prior to each due date.  You can register to attend each event-

The What Makes Inclusion Work Community of Practice

If you are ready to dive in with your team consider joining this Community of Practice.  You can learn more here and register.