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The Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center has the most comprehensive collection of research and resources for early childhood inclusion. 

A few specific sources of research that we find most helpful are:

Brief Summary: Fact Sheet of Research on Preschool Inclusion  (2014) A list of 11 research points about preschool inclusion by Erin E. Barton & Barbara J. Smith

Inclusion for Preschool Children With Disabilities: What We Know and What We Should be Doing (2014) A brief summary of key points we should be implementing based on the research regarding preschool inclusion by Phillip Strain.

Quality Indicators of Inclusive Early Childhood Programs/Practices: A Compilation of Selected Resources (2010) A compilation of assessments and practices that support quality inclusion in early childhood classrooms.

Research Synthesis Points on Early Childhood Inclusion, NPDCI (2009) A summary of key conclusions drawn from review of literature or research syntheses on early childhood inclusion.

Recommended Modules


Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center

Recommended Modules:

Weaving Inclusion into Everyday Activities

Adaptations That Work

All, Some, A Few: Tiered Instructions

Communication for Professional Collaborations

Better Together: Powerful Family Partnerships

IRIS Center

Recommended Modules:

Collaborating with Families