Preschool Environments Data

Educational Environment (EE) codes tell what type of early childhood education program a child attends and where their services are provided.

EE Data Application!

An application to generate EE Codes for districts in Illinois has launched.  A User’s Guide can be downloaded here. To use the application visit .

The IEP team can use the Decision Tree For Coding Educational Environment 3-5 year olds to determine the correct EE code for children ages 3–5.

The EE codes are defined in Illinois by the ISBE and reported using the FACTS data system.

The first question each team must ask is if the child attends a regular early childhood program.  This is unique to children ages 3-5. The definition of a regular early childhood program is a program that includes at least 50% nondisabled children. Regular early childhood programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Head Start
  • Kindergarten
  • Private preschools
  • Early Childhood Block Grant/Preschool for All programs
  • Blended classrooms
  • Private kindergartens or preschools
  • Group child development centers or child care

Attendance at a regular early childhood program need not be funded by IDEA, Part B funds to be considered for attendance.

For more information on the EE Codes visit this link or download this handout with EE Code definitions.