Reporting EE Data

Each state is required by the US Department of Education to have in place a performance plan evaluating the state’s implementation of Part B of IDEA and describing how the state will improve such implementation. This plan is called the Part B State Performance Plan (SPP) and is posted on the ISBE’s website.

Annual Performance Report (APR)

In addition, each state reports annually to the public on the performance of each of its local educational agencies according to the targets in its SPP.

The state also reports annually to the Secretary of Education on its performance in meeting its SPP targets. This report is called the Part B Annual Performance Report (APR), this report is also posted on the by ISBE.

SPP Indicator 6

SPP Indicator 6 is the percent of children aged 3–5 with IEPs attending a:

A. Regular early childhood program and receiving the majority of special education and related services in the regular early childhood program; and;
B. Separate special education class, separate school, or residential facility.

The measurable and rigorous target Illinois set for 2019-2020 was

6A.   32.9%
6B.   30.5%

And the actual data for 2016–2017 was:

6A.   45.42%
6B.   23.02%

Illinois met our goal for 2019-20 but we are just close to the national average, which in 2017-18 was

6A.  44.9%
6B.  25.25%

*Source 41st Annual Report to Congress on the Implementation of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Parts B and C 2019

District EE Data

In Illinois special education data is report in the District Report Card.  Look for Early Childhood Educational Environment Data and a summary of the State Performance Plan Indicators and targets on the final pages.  Or you can contact to request a copy of your recent data.  Be sure to tell us the district and use a business email address.  We are only able to share district data with a district representative.