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Presenters:  Tammy Wrobbel & Talin Tokat , Early CHOICES

Today’s education system is overwhelming. Many times, it is difficult to keep up with the latest technology, teaching methods, best practices, and early learning outcomes. Parents of young children with disabilities have even more to maneuver. Parents need to understand Individual Family Service Plans, Individual Education Plans, special education acronyms, different types of services, available placements, parent rights, special education laws, and much more.

Inclusion is the ideal situation for educating young children with disabilities. However, the concept of inclusion is often misunderstood. It is important to know the facts about what makes inclusion work.

This session will include exploring the Understanding Inclusion modules. Key ideas about what makes inclusion work in early childhood education will be presented. The modules cover a range of topics from defining inclusion, to understanding the benefits, to advocating for inclusion. Attendees will have unlimited access to these modules, topic guides and resources to reflect and apply what is learned.

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