The Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center has the most comprehensive collection of research and resources for early childhood inclusion.

Illinois Research Reports

As a result of the Preschool Development Grant Strategic planning 2019 this graphic was created to share the identified next steps in advancing inclusion birth to 5 in Illinois. The full report is also available.

As a result of the 2017 Early Childhood Inclusion Policy Summit Early CHOICES in collaboration with Illinois Council for Developmental Disabilities conducted this research study and summarized Examples of Collaborations Supporting Inclusion in Illinois.

A few specific sources of research that we find most helpful are:

Brief Summary: Fact Sheet of Research on Preschool Inclusion (2014) A list of 11 research points about preschool inclusion by Erin E. Barton & Barbara J. Smith

Inclusion for Preschool Children With Disabilities: What We Know and What We Should be Doing(2014) A brief summary of key points we should be implementing based on the research regarding preschool inclusion by Phillip Strain.

Quality Indicators of Inclusive Early Childhood Programs/Practices: A Compilation of Selected Resources (2010) A compilation of assessments and practices that support quality inclusion in early childhood classrooms.

Research Synthesis Points on Early Childhood Inclusion, NPDCI (2009) A summary of key conclusions drawn from review of literature or research syntheses on early childhood inclusion.

Recommended Modules

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Recommended Modules: