Implementing, Sustaining and Scaling-Up High-Quality Inclusion

Illinois is one of two states selected to take part in the Implementing, Sustaining, and Scaling-Up High Quality Inclusion initiative. The initiative is co-led by the Early Childhood Technical Assistance (ECTA) Center and the National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations (NCPMI) and includes partners from across the early care and education system. ISBE and Early CHOICES lead the work in Illinois.

This initiative allows us to receive support on the National Early Childhood Inclusion Indicators recently created. Illinois is a field-test site for the indicators, and the ECTA Center and NCPMI work with us on establishing a leadership team to support inclusion TA providers, who will support inclusion teams within school districts.

This document summarizes the process, identifies the sites, and shows how the indicators are used.

This work builds on the Illinois Illinois Inclusion Vision Statement and the PDG Inclusion in Inclusion in Illinois Birth to 5 Across Systems strategic plan.

The work uses the  Statewide Implementation Guide which is a process for implementing evidence-based practices statewide. The guide includes tools, materials, and examples derived from the Pyramid Model and ECTA’s DEC Recommended Practices implementation technical assistance.

This initiative will help us institutionalize the technical assistance support Illinois provides regarding inclusion in early childhood settings and help inform the ECTA Center and NCPMI of any changes that need made to the Inclusion Indicators.