2021 Preschool Inclusion Roundtables & Planning Series: Educating All Young Children Together

Roundtables will not happen in Fall 2021 since this is year two of the improvement cycle for programs invited in Fall 2020.

Why do we host the Preschool Inclusion Planning Series?

The Planning Series is an opportunity to work through the Inclusive Inquiry Cycle to support your moves towards increasing access, participation, and support in inclusive education. You will have an opportunity to learn what is available to support your district inclusion efforts as you create or update your inclusion plan.

Interested in the Preschool Inclusion Planning Series?

The series is open to all.  We do tailor the series for those who are invited to complete an Indicator 6 Improvement plan, but the content is helpful to anyone working with their team to build an inclusive program. The continuous cycle of improvement outlined in the Inclusive Inquiry Cycle frames the series.

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Looking for information from 2020 Preschool Inclusion Roundtables?

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