2020 Preschool Inclusion Roundtables: Educating All Young Children Together

A collaboration between ISBE, Early CHOICES & Illinois STAR NET

What are the Preschool Inclusion Roundtables?

These regional online meetings are targeted to districts who are working towards increasing access to inclusive opportunities for young children in preschool.  The roundtables provide a forum to meet with other districts, hearabout various models to implement preschool inclusion, and learn from districtrepresentatives that have taken steps to implement plans to increase access to inclusive classrooms.

You will have an opportunity to learn what is available to support your district inclusion efforts as you create or update your inclusion plan.

Interested in the Preschool Inclusion Roundtables?

Watch this brief video to learn all about the details.

Links to Registrations

October 27, 2020 9am-12pm with Region IV

October 28, 2020 9am-12pm with Regions I & III

November 9, 2020 9am -12pm with Region II

November 10, 2020 9am -12pm with Region VI

For 2020 Preschool Inclusion Roundtables

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What Happens if I missed the Roundtable?

Early CHOICES will be hosting a planning series to review each stage of planning and help your team think through the process to increase access to inclusive environments for preschoolers. Registration is available here!