Student/Classroom Planning Tools

Planning for inclusion in the classroom is critical.  We suggest teams meet on a regular basis to plan for individual students.  Families are critical team members and need to be included in the planning.

To plan for accommodations and modifications teams can use a variety of tools:

Inclusive Classroom Profile

For teachers to look at high quality inclusive practices the Inclusive Classroom Profile serves as an excellent tool for self reflection.

The Inclusive Classroom Profile (ICP), is a research-based assessment tool that assesses the quality of the inclusive preschool classroom and is used in OPI.

More resources around the Inclusive Classroom Profile (ICP):

Additional Topics

Meaningful Inclusion in Early Childhood Classrooms: A How-To

Watch this recorded webinar to learn about practical strategies that support all learners. This is an opportunity to learn about adaptations and modifications to implement in your inclusive EC classrooms.  The webinar is packed with ideas and resources.