Faculty Resources

Early CHOICES has many resources that support learning about inclusion at all levels. We have gathered some specific resources for faculty to consider when teaching early childhood coursework.

Online Learning Modules

Please visit our Understanding Inclusion modules or the Federal Inclusion Policy Statement Module to view our brief but insightful modules about the basics of high quality inclusion in early childhood in Illinois. We also have these Early Childhood Outcomes in Illinois (ECO) Modules that review the three Early Childhood Outcomes, requirements for completion, implementation strategies and decision making tools to support ratings. Understanding Inclusion and the ECO modules are both available for ISBE PEL and Gateways credit if you complete our check for understanding.

High Quality Inclusion

If you’d like to go deeper into practices that support high quality inclusion we suggest visiting our Livebinder on the Using Inclusive Classroom Profile for Self Reflection.

For a better understanding of what is needed to support high quality inclusion check out What Makes Inclusion Work be sure to check out the supporting resources for this framework.


The Illinois ECE Competency Toolbox includes a variety of resources supporting assessment within a competency-based system. For each Content Area related inclusion resources are listed for use by faculty.

Supporting Families

Early CHOICES is committed to assuring that families are actively involved and understand inclusive practices. We have tools to support families in understanding inclusion as well as planning for their child.

Please contact us at inclusion@eclre.org with any questions.